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Need 50th Birthday Gift Ideas? Choose Birth Stone Jewellery

Posted on 01 March 2012


There are many items to choose from when provided with a list of 50th birthday gift ideas. You can get flowers, travel packages, metal pieces, a watch or other forms of jewellery. Women enjoy receiving items of value they can treasure many years after their special day. These may come in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings.

Show your affection and personal touch by giving more than just a golden piece of jewellery. Choose items with your recipient’s birthstone on the pieces. She will surely delight in wearing them and remember you each time she dons them. As reference, below is a listing of twelve birth stones based on zodiac sign:

  • Diamond for individuals born from March 21 – April 19 for zodiac sign Aries
  • Emerald for individuals born from April 20 – May 20 for zodiac sign Taurus
  • Crystal for individuals born from May 21 – June 20 for zodiac sign Gemini
  • Pearl for individuals born from Gemini June 21 – July 22 for zodiac sign Gemini
  • Onyx for individuals born from July 23 – August 22 for zodiac sign Leo
  • Sapphire for individuals born from August 23 – September 22 for zodiac sign Virgo
  • Zircon for individuals born from September 23 – October 23 for zodiac sign Libra
  • Opal for individuals born from October 24 – November 21 for zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Topaz for individuals born from November 22 – December 21 for zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Garnet for individuals born from December 22 – January 21 for zodiac sign Capricorn
  • Amethyst or Moonstone for individuals born from January 22 – February 18 for zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Aquamarine for individuals born from February 19 – March 20 for zodiac sign Pisces

You may also choose jewellery based on the following birth stones in listings of 50th birthday gift ideas based on days of the week:

Pearls for individuals born on a Monday

  • Garnet for individuals born on a Tuesday
  • Cat’s Eye (also Chatoyant Chrysoberyl) for individuals born on a Wednesday
  • Emerald for individuals born on a Thursday
  • Topaz for individuals born on a Friday
  • Sapphire for individuals born on a Saturday
  • Ruby for individuals born on a Sunday

With knowledge comes appreciation. Get the special lady celebrating her golden year something that would surely brighten up her day and make her feel just like it was her 21st birthday. Get her long-lasting gifts on her 50th; give her valuable jewellery that she most surely deserves.

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