Nutrition Tips For The Ultimate In Weight Loss

Posted on 26 November 2010


Being obese is quiet a depressing state. You are prone to heart problems, diabetes, and all other related internal organ diseases. Our system is interdependent with each other. If one of the systems fails then another one will follow and so on and so forth until you can no longer identify which of these systems is giving you much trouble. But here are some nutrition tips for weight loss.

Self medication isn’t good. Most of the times instead of giving you relief, it is the very act that complicates your simple pain.
There is also danger in consulting friends who is not a medical practitioner and just has the “I know it all” personality. Listening to his advices will only give you much trouble than if you just self medicate yourself.

The best thing to do is to consult your condition to an expert who has more experience and broad understanding of your problem.
In the case of gaining and losing weight, what are you supposed to do?

First, stand up in front of the mirror and observe your body, is it proportional?

Second, do some weighing.
Sometimes you might think that you are proportional but your weight is telling you that it’s not. In fact this is a psychological illness and you know you want to get ripped abs.

Third, ask yourself. Are you feeling some pain?
If you are feeling some pain, that’s the time that you should decide to consult your doctor about your condition. Undergo physical check up before you go on any nutrition diet or physical exercise routine that will help you gain or loss weight.

But often times, there are already safe practices in losing weight. This involve, fasting, water therapy, fruit diet, physical exercise, yoga, martial arts, dancing and many more. What you have to do after consulting your doctor is to ask some advices of the kind of diet that you should undergo or ask him if he knew somebody who is a nutritionist and ask some recommendations. This is the safest precaution that you should do. Remember that we are unique individuals and no one method is applicable to all.

In my case, I went on fruit and vegetable diet, once a day cup of rice and instead of spoon, I use fork and chew what I am eating properly. Modulation of what you intake is the best thing to do. You will only gain weight by the food you eat. So, it’s better to guard your mouth. From your mouth and healthy habits you will have a balance and sound body.

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