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Places to Look for Cheap Wedding Dresses Now

Posted on 28 April 2011


No bride wants to have to skimp on her wedding dress, but sometimes the wedding budget determines what a bride can and cannot wear on her special day. Even if your budget is not very big, there are ways to find cheap wedding dresses that look every bit as good as expensive designer gowns. It is just a matter of taking the time and energy to find them. Below are a few resources for brides looking for less expensive alternatives to expensive wedding dresses.

Large Department Stores
More and more department stores and even smaller national stores are starting to carry wedding dresses. They are a lot more affordable and can be bought right off the rack or ordered in your exact size, no expensive alterations needed. You can also utilize department stores as a one stop shop. You can register there, order your invitations, and get your shoes and jewelry. You can probably negotiate to get a discount based on the amount of things you buy from them. You could probably even negotiate to get discounts on your future baby shower invitation wording!

Consignment Stores
There are many brides that know that they will only wear there wedding gown once and they want to try to make some of their money back on their purchase. Many brides will bring their dress to a consignment store hoping that another bride will get some use out of it and they will make some money in return. It is a win win for both parties. You get a cheap wedding dress that would have cost much more new, and the former bride gets enough money to help furnish her new home or apartment.

Friends or Friends of Friends
Everyone has a friend that has a wedding dress shoved in the back of her closet. Maybe she doesn’t have a daughter that will wear it or maybe she got a divorce and no longer wants to look at it. Her loss can be your gain. You can even alter it to make it your own for a quarter of the price she paid.

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