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Playing Classic Nintendo Games: Tecmo Super Bowl Online and Super Mario

Posted on 23 March 2012


Classic Nintendo games may be old, with graphics and characters that could use a few major improvements. Still, these are the games that may be considered as the foundation of modern video gaming. Games, like Tecmo Super Bowl online and Super Mario, are great classics that have paved the way to other more contemporary games.

Tecmo Super Bowl is the first game that was based on real characters. This used true people and real teams, which was why the game’s developers acquired licensing rights to use these real-world characters, including individual players’ statistics, as well as team info. This game has three play modes, namely: preseason, season and the pro bowl. This game offers players the opportunity to create their own game plans. This is easy enough to do as teams and players can be readily customized. As for the Mario series, Super Mario Bros 1 introduced the entire gaming community to the blue overall clad hero, Mario and his brother Luigi. Their goal was to save the Mushroom World and Princess Toadstool, later named as Princess Peach, from King Koopa. The second version featured Mario in a dream world, known as the Subcon. On the third version, there are appearances of old characters, like King Koopa or Bowser. In addition to this, Mario can don on new outfits that also give him special abilities.

Tecmo Super Bowl online and the Super Mario games are just two of the most popular Nintendo games of all time. These games may feature less than perfect graphics and shabby sound effects. Nevertheless, the game play and the entertainment value that these games offer are wonderful, engaging players for hours. Because of the interesting storylines and other catching game features, people even play these games over and over again. So, it’s no wonder that these games remain popular even with the appearance of so many contemporary games.

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