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Potty Training Needs TLC (Tender Loving Care)

Posted on 30 November 2010


A parent, who has no diaper punishment story to tell, is a good parent, indeed. It likewise indicates that he or she is not a controlling parent, but one who realizes that although some situations call for discipline, diaper punishment is not one way to go about it.

Sometimes though, a diaper punishment story may be pure fabrication, a fairy tale perpetrated by a kid to get back at his parents. Whether the story is a work of fiction, or true in fact, it is an unacceptable method of punishing a toddler who relapses into bed wetting, or is a slow poke with potty training.

Although a child is usually ready for potty training between two or three years of age, some babies might take longer than expected to master the process. It does not mean, however, that they will never make it. The parent might want to have the baby’s health checked, as an undiscovered disease may be actually causing the delay in potty training. Rewarding the child is the best way to go. Gifts such as army toys go down well with boys or buy them some new cot bed bedding and they will be satisfied.

Parents might be inadvertently delaying the success of their child’s potty training due to inattention, or the utter lack of incentives. Every parent should know when it is time. Just some of the cues are a toddler who seems to have a regular vowel movement, who knows how to follow instructions, or even better, who is already asking for it.

Sometimes, a parent may fail to heed these clues because he or she is busy with another baby, or there is some other source of stress in the family, such as the need to find a better home.

To unravel the true reason for the delay in baby’s potty training success, parents should be their own worst critic. For example, the fact that they insist on having the baby wear coth diapers when the infant clearly feels uncomfortable about it, is an indication that something is wrong.

Indeed, parents should be the first to confront themselves about their questionable behavior or practices in potty training their young fellow; after all, they are the adults.

In summary, having no real diaper punishment story to tell is indicative of good parenting. However, if parents insist on having their toddler wear a coth diaper even when the baby is obviously showing signs of skin rashes, it is indicative of a diaper punishment story that goes much deeper as it is subliminal.

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