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Purchasing Repo RVs for Sale at an RV Auction

Posted on 22 April 2012


Why purchase RV Repos for sale from an auction? The answer is simple. The reason so many people are interested in purchasing repossessed RVs from RV auctions is that they are interested in saving a lot of money. But money isn’t the only reason to visit an auction. It can also be a lot of fun, like a a treasure hunt. There are a lot of great deals out there and it is up to you to find them. RV auctions can be hugely exciting to participate in, but apart from the excitement generation factor, there are other more serious and logical reasons to buy from these RV auctions. Firstly, the price saving factor is definitely the most potent, with almost 50 to 70% margin being obtained from the dealerships. Secondly, there is hardly any dispute over the selling price of RV Repos, as they are often given to the highest bidder. Its quick and instant, and the deal doesn’t take long to close.

Tips You Should Know When Bidding at RV Auctions

Buying at RV auctions is a great way to save money. You may think that once you have seen one auction, you have seen them all, but the truth is that all auctions are different. Prices fluctuate based on the amount of inventory that is available, and the pool of buyers for that day. Most auction starts out with a reserve price of a starting bid. From there, the prices typically get bid up and the highest bidder is the one that buys the deal. Below are some tips when bidding at RV auctions:

1. Arrive early – The earlier you arrive, the more chance you have to inspect the vehicle.

2. Know the value of what you are bidding on, and how much you should expect to pay for it.

3. Be prepared for the auction. A lot of them require you to pay cash on the spot.

4. Go often. The more experience you get, the better deals you will find.

5. Bid last. Let your other competitors fight against each other, until they drop out from bidding one by one. When there are only one or two other bidders left standing, make your move. This is the secret of winning at an auction

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