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Qualities of a Good Scrum Master

Posted on 05 April 2012


Some people get confused when they are invited to be Scrum masters during a product development process. The corporate sector has seen the companies which use agile software design strategies ensure that Scrum becomes a popular way of organizing the process. The main intention is to make sure that all the processes involved will have a clear cut reason for their inclusion and that there are people assigned to work on that process. Nothing floats where Scrum is used to strategize everything in an AGILE approach for software development.

Proper assigning of tasks and duties makes sure that there is no chance of ambiguity and that all the work done is worthwhile in the end. Previously, people ended up giving too much energy to projects which have less importance than those which they gave less focus. One advantage involved with Scrum is that the product owner and the development team focus on their tasks and usually communicate to each other through the Scrum master. The Scrum master is the oil that keeps these two units functioning and in good rapport. He has some answering to do when the Scrum process is not being followed well by each member of the team. He plays referee in a way.

AGILE and Scrum are just accepted frameworks which allow synergy. The correct profile for a Scrum master is generally a person who has extensive knowledge regarding product development and may be part of the development team or independently. It is always about strategy, planning, monitoring and control. He is the sort of person who can call an urgent meeting to discuss certain changes, address impediments and give a motivation hook before the team breaks up again to work on their individual tasks. Ability to communicate clearly and in the proper attitude is a key advantage.

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