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Reason to Bake Potatoes

Posted on 27 March 2012


Are you one of the many people who think that potato is nothing but a lowly starchy and tuberous crop? Then think again. Potatoes are now even more taking the limelight with more delightful recipes made with them as the central and key ingredient. The thing about potatoes is that you can deal with them in so many ways; have them fried, baked, mashed, boiled and even oven-freshed and they would still come out as good and as yummy especially if they are combined with some flavors and spices. Some of the best recipes that involve potato include the classic baked potato, potato salad, augratin potato dish and a whole lot more.

But among many potato recipes that have come out lately, the classic approach to cooking potatoes is still much alive, only now redefined with more style and variation. We’re talking about baked potatoes. So what’s the reason to bake potatoes? You would get more the starchy, delightful texture of potatoes if you bake them. But apart from that, there’s more leeway for flavors and recipe style variations.

Classic baked potatoes are done in microwave where first you have to clean them, puncture them repeatedly with a knife or a fork, dipped them in a vegetable oil and then have them baked in a recommended time frame. Right after it, you can sprinkle the potatoes with your own choice of spices and flavors – pepper, grated cheese, even salsa, mayonnaise, cooked veggies and many more.

There are two ways to approach baking potatoes. First one is to bake them in the oven and the second is to bake them in a microwave. Aside from convenience and availability, the former is a much better consideration if you are baking potatoes in a large scale than the latter. Microwave baked potatoes are perfect for snacks for two to three persons but if you are more ambitious in terms of recipe styles and if you are about to feed a large number of people then better use the oven.

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