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Seven Things You Can Do with Astrology

Posted on 30 March 2011


Astrology can do more than dish out horoscopes based on your sun sign. Here is why this ancient art has persisted throughout the ages and millions continue to use it.

With astrology you can:

  1. Plan important events. How would you like to find the best date for a wedding, a job application, or perhaps filing your income tax return?  You can use astrology to identify those dates where the heavenly influences are most supportive of your cause. Use the knowledge to ensure a successful outcome to your efforts.
  2. Discover your talents. Wondering what career, education or hobby to pursue?  Astrology is an excellent tool for identifying your natural-born gifts and abilities. You get to know if you have artistic ability, leadership skills, athletic potential and many others.
  3. Improve your relationships. A horoscope and compatibility reading can fill you in on all the juicy details of your relationships that you never quite knew were there. Astrology gives an inside look at the dynamics of your marital relationship or any other kind of partnership. What turns you on to each other?  Where do you connect?  What are your biggest differences?  Astrology can answer all these questions in great detail.
  4. Find missing objects and persons. Some astrologers are expert in helping clients find missing people and things. If you are wondering about an absent person, or if you lost a valuable possession, you can study the chart for the disappearance, or your question about it. Or you can go to an astrologer who is an expert in such matters. The astrology chart will reveal where that person or thing is or when they will be found, if at all, and in what condition.
  5. Prepare for cosmic trends. Astrology can tell you when specific influences are at their peak in your life  You will discover when it is a good time to do certain things, and when to avoid them. Astrology lets you prepare for the year ahead and plot your life with more control.
  6. Get answers to questions. Astrology can answer many kinds of questions about life, health, marriage, jobs and money (not the lottery). If you have a question that you cannot answer on your own by ordinary means, you can time the question or the event and find the answer in the its astrology chart.
  7. Learn about your child’s potential. Curious about your child’s future and what he or she will be like?  Astrology can show you this and more. Use the knowledge to give your child the best environment possible for his or her development.

Now that you have some idea about the benefits of astrology, why don’t you get some books on astrology and start reading about it?

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