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Silver Maple Leaf Art Bars for Sale

Posted on 17 March 2012


Silver Maple Leaf art bars are essentially silver bullions that are marketed by private mints (in contrast to the Royal Canadian Mint). Although they are not exactly more well known as those by the Royal Mint, they still fetch a great price if you’re into investing in precious metals. It may not get the attention of all collectors you might encounter, but their core value remains the same.

It’s no secret that these types of bars are the purest amongst other bullions due to their .999 purity grade. These art bars of course, feature intricate designs that can sometimes make it worth your while as artistic pieces. Canadian maple leaf gold coin, as you might expect is already made from intricate work though they have a tendency to wear down after years of circulation due to the fact that they lack stronger alloys compared to other bullion coins.

Royal vs. Private Mints

When Krugerrands became famous as vehicles of investments and circulated into South African currency as legal tender, private mints sought to invest in the popularity. Since these are essentially not sanctioned by the government they are not for legal tender or circulation, but they keep their value since they still contain precious metals.

Unlike government-sanctioned mints, they appear as more colorful and even more artistic than their counterparts. If you’re more of an investor of precious metals than a coin collector, then private mints are a good alternative if you can’t find bullions from royal mints.

Clad vs. Pure Bullions

This is perhaps one of the basics when purchasing any kind of bullion online. Not all purchases are a steal (at least on your part anyway), since the indication of cheaper price may mean that your bullion is a clad-bullion. This means that although it looks like a silver of gold bullion, it may just be covered in silver or gold coating while its inner metals are made from copper alloy. So when purchasing bullions, especially in large quantities, always ask to see if the coins are pure or clad.

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