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6×9 car speakers, for a simple solution

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Do you find the audio system in your vehicle to be underperforming?  Does your system reproduce inadequate amounts of bass to suit your tastes?  Do the mids and highs sound flat or muddy?  Are your existing speakers worn out or simply just cheap?  If you are interested in a simple, yet affordable upgrade solution, consider the merits of 6×9 car speakers.

Having the largest woofer cone size of any standard speaker sizes, 6x9s are able to reproduce unmatched bass response for a full range speaker.  Available in two-way coaxial designs, and up to five-way designs, 6×9 speakers will ensure that you enjoy the mids and high ranges as well.  The best part, perhaps, is the simplicity of being able to power these speakers directly from the built in amplifier of a quality head unit.

Quality is perhaps the most important aspect when considering which car audio components to purchase.  There are literally hundreds of speaker choices available in each size, all claiming fantastic specifications.  Well, specs do lie, and the only real “quality” test, outside of side by side listening tests, is price.  You get what you pay for, and regardless of the advertised specifications of the speakers, consider the price as the ultimate benchmark.

Now, being able to sound test the speakers on your short list would be ideal, but it’s rarely practical, especially if shopping online.  Even if you do go to a local retailer and listen to all the speakers on the wall, they will likely sound drastically different in the acoustic environment of you vehicle.  Price is the difference!

6×9 car speakers do have a rather odd oblong shape, which serves to create install issues in some vehicles.  If your vehicle came preinstalled with 6×9 speakers, then dropping in new ones should be a snap.  If not, then a custom install will be necessary.  The most likely location for speakers of this size is the rear deck.  Holes can be cut, or enlarged, and the speakers will drop in and hang down into the trunk below.  The included speaker grills will cover the tops and provide a clean simple look.  For any other location, such as side panels or doors, special consideration will have to be observed for mounting depth clearance.  Higher quality speakers typically have larger magnets, and you don’t want your window to hit your speaker on the way down.

I can’t stress enough the importance of quality components.  The head unit that you use to send the tunes back to your quality 6×9 car speakers should be at least equal in quality.  A crummy head unit can make even the best speakers sound awful.  So remember, you get what you pay for, and keep it simple; and most of all, enjoy!

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