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Removal of Whiteheads – The Easy Way

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Spots and blemishes have been around for as long as humans have and it seems that even though we try to keep our skin clean and fresh, we still can’t manage to make those spots stay away! Well there are some alternatives. Here, we are going to talk about a skin regime that will help you control your spots and also teach you some removal of whiteheads tricks that you can use when they do appear.

So to start we need to discuss a skin regime and how to get rid of blackheads naturally. Your skin needs to be cleansed and moisturized twice a day. The cleansing part removes all the dirt and grime and the moisturizing protects it from the dirt and grime it may encounter. There are many skin cleansing products available but remember that not all products suit everyone so test them all out before you start to stick to one. This regime should be religious and should be done every single day without fail. Even if you have a night out and don’t get in till 2am in the morning, you should stick to your regime. This regime should prevent spots from happening but should they appear there are a few tricks.

You need to reduce the size of the spot so one thing that works wonder is to pop some toothpaste on it overnight. This will reduce swelling and redness and the menthol should also help a little with the healing. If you don’t have overnight to fix your spot then try some perfume or aftershave. The alcohol in it reduces swelling although it doesn’t help it heal. Another great trick is a concealer that has tea tree oil in it. The concealer will cover up the spot while the tea tree oil will start to heal it while you still have your makeup on! Perfect!