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Tips for Buying Aluminum Carports for Sale

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Carports are advertised, sold, and distributed all over the country. Many manufactures offer aluminum carport for sale, complete and ready to install. These can be shipped anywhere and quickly, in standard sizes that can fit one, two or more vehicles. You can choose to install the shelter yourself or to hire someone who specializes in building carports. Many companies offer installation as part of their service so that is something you should definitely look into if you do not have the ability or the time its takes to do it yourself.

Carports can come in several sizes and types. Some have sloped roofs, some have flat roofs, while others have an A-framed or peaked roof. The aluminum material also varies a little depending on the manufacturer. Some use 2 inch wide panels while others use 6 inch flat panels. You also have a choice in the texture of the panels. Some are smooth while others are textured. Many companies also offer many color choices. The larger manufacturing companies also provide customized options including specific size, appearance, and installation requirements.

Any carport you choose should be engineered to meet the building requirements in your area. Contact your local building inspector to discover exactly what you need to look for when you are shopping for a new carport. Many areas restrict the size, installation, and materials of an outdoor shelter. Roof loads and the wind ratings are also common in some areas because of weather related events. The roof loads, often called snow loads, range from 10 pounds per square foot to 60 pounds per square foot. The average wind requirement is 90 miles per hour. High wind areas require 105 or 110 miles per hour ratings.

Free standing aluminum carports for sale require little ground preparation from the buyer. Carport supports are required to be installed directly into a foundation or set in concrete. The posts hold up the structure and also hold the structure down in windy conditions.