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Check Out Silver Amber Earrings

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Everyone loves silver accessories. Not only do they look great, they are also quite affordable to boot! Probably the best silver pieces are earrings. Silver earrings are popular for hundreds of years back. Even pirates are known to have them. Silver is well loved by many because it’s a great setting for almost any gem. It complements any and every shade of stone and they tend to look great on anybody wearing them. Usually, exotic and beautiful silver pieces are made with stones like turquoise but times and preferences change. Now, people want silver amber earrings, of which there are tons of designs, colors and sizes to choose from. It’s like shopping for treats at the candy shop!

There are two reasons for the sudden popularity of silver amber earrings. One is that they go great with one another. They are also fairly easy to make for the jewelers so you can find them in abundance. Second is the price. Since amber is a resin and not a real gem, they are quite affordable. Being affordable doesn’t mean it has to look tacky though. They are really pretty pieces to add to your collection. These stones are also warm especially if they are worn close to the body. If you rub them a bit, you’ll be pleasantly surprise that it has a scent too! That property is just for ambers.

If you want something very unique, you can try out the blue amber pieces. They are a bit pricey though. That’s because the blue ones are very rare. You can have a look at them at your local museum or at online stores.

Silver amber earrings may come in designs like hoop, dangles or even stud pieces. You can choose which ones you like best. The design is purely based on the size and the type of inclusion it has. Take for example; if you have a small inclusion only, they make very good stud pieces. If you have bigger inclusions, these are best displayed as dangling or hoop earrings. Just look around, you’re bound to love shopping for them. Enjoy!