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How Do You Choose A Pine Bedside Cabinet?

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Having a bedside cabinet is an absolute must for anyone who reads or must adhere to a schedule. Having a place to keep a lamp, your alarm clock, and the current book you are reading is a godsend, not to mention a draw to hide away things you would not want others to see. Thus, if you are looking to replace your current bed cabinet or you want to purchase one for the first time, you should consider a pine bedside cabinet for your needs.

Pine is often chosen for these cabinets because of its raw rich color which is nearly white in appearance. If you enjoy the color you can leave the cabinet as is, but many people prefer to stain their cabinets to match their current bedroom furniture. This is one of the reasons pine is so popular, because it is easily stainable and very affordable. Pine is very fast growing timber, so it is ideal for creating furniture and other large pieces because it does not take long to regrow what is cut down, when compared to hardwoods like oak or maple.

When looking at a cabinet to purchase, you should consider the joints where the wood meet. They should be flush and dove tail, without any space between them. If you find spaces or an area that looks as though it was filled with glue, you might want to avoid that particle cabinet as it might not be of the quality you want to last a good long while in your home. The hinges should also be inspected, and they should be flush with the wood and allow the doors to close properly.

Last but not least, you should always consider your budget. Figuring out what you are able to afford for a piece of furniture will help you make a decent decision and you can get in and get out without worrying about the temptation of other pieces.