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Non Floral Wedding Centerpieces

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Have you considered displaying non floral wedding centerpieces at your wedding reception?  Not every bride likes to have flowers as part of the main wedding decor, and there are many other beautiful and interesting elements you can arrange to cater for a unique, personalized or just different type of centerpiece.

Candles are always very popular and most people usually like to arrange them as part of their centerpiece. With a little imagination, candles can really spark up the tables and add warmth and a romantic mood to the general decor. Place them in clear glasses along the center of the table or place tea light colored candles in a bowl filled with water. Pillar candles are elegant and also inexpensive. Arrange different sized ones for a stylish and elegant effect.

Natural elements are also very desirable; stones, twigs, sticks and fruit can be arranged according to particular seasons. Green foliage always add freshness; but if you are looking for something a little more chic and contemporary, stones might be an element to go for as they add the organic or zen feel to the reception room. Sticks will add movement to the feel of the centerpiece and dry leaves are perfect for a wedding during the fall season.

Other elements like books, lanterns, photographs, sweets or chocolates are great if you are looking for that “unique” factor. These types of centerpieces can be really inexpensive, all you need is to be creative with the elements you are using and always adhere to the theme’s main colors and style. Bottles are also easy to arrange on the tables and handy if the guests don’t want to cue at the bar.  Having wine and champagne bottles already on the table is also a very practical idea.  Individual cakes look fantastic and make beautiful and tasty centerpieces.

Flowers can be really expensive and they are not necessary for displaying the best wedding centerpieces on your big day.