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Selling Insurance | Categories of Insurance

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If you are interested in selling insurance, there are a lot of types of insurance you can pick from.  It might be overwhelming to try to figure out which ones to go into first so here are you options.  If you want, you can start with one and eventually pick up the other lines later on.

Auto Insurance

Selling car insurance is prettying straightforward.  You sit in a retail shopping area and wait for customers to come in.  You are most likely selling other types as well, but marketing mostly car insurance.  The best place to start in this line is at an agency at the mall or another busy shopping center.

Other Consumer Insurance

There are other types of consumer insurance.  Health and life insurance is probably the most familiar.  There is also disability, mortgage, home & content insurance as well.  These are all the types of insurance that individuals and families would get.

The money for these personal lines are a lot better than just car insurance.  Although the money is better, it is also harder to sell.  The main reason is because it is not required by law to have mortgage insurance, for example.  That is, of course, not true for car insurance.

Commercial Insurance

Your best money will come from selling commercial lines.  Under this category there is commercial liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, property insurance and vehicle fleet insurance.

These bring in the most money for several reasons.  First of all, each policy costs more in terms of premiums.  That also means your commission will be higher.

Additionally, you can have less customers.  Each business client will probably buy multiple policies from you.  That will enable you to sell a lot more with less clients.  That’s a bigger bang for your buck and your time.

Also, businesses are more likely to pay their premiums.  This will reduce any chargeback in your commissions.

On top of all of that, as the business grows, they will need more and more insurance coverage.  If you have developed a relationship with a business, you will have a growing income stream from them as time goes on.

How to Add an Industrial Kitchen to a Busy Bar

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As bars get busier and busier it is becoming more and more common to see food being served daily in these previously drinking only establishments. The reason for this increase in food being served is more than likely for one reason – profit. Selling food in a busy bar in addition to drinks can really put a lot of extra money in the owner’s pocket. Food is one aspect of the catering industry that has a large profit margin, with food costing little to buy on average when compared to the prices that can be charged for it. So it is little wonder that a business owner would want to add an industrial kitchen area to an already busy bar.

If they want to build a bar, they will first have to go through two initial steps:

Firstly, they will have to find a good restaurant equipment leasing company. A leasing company will supply the kitchen equipment, the supplies as well if asked, and they will also replace the machines with newer models every couple of years, and even repair the equipment should any faults develop. Of course the owner of the bar will have to enter a lease agreement with the company that they will have to pay monthly or yearly in order to get this kind of service, but it will work out cheaper at least initially and the owner will not have to deal with the complexities involved with the multitude of business equipment.

Secondly, they will have to check will the local food hygiene authority to make sure that the industrial kitchen area is up to the task. The authority will recommend steps to be taken to ensure that the new kitchen meets health and safety standards, and this will benefit the business as well.

With these two steps completed, the bar owner can move onto running their kitchen effectively.