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The best campfire treats on your family camping holiday

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If you are on a family camping holiday with your little and naughty kids, you would want to make your camping trip an unforgettable one for your kids. Aside from the outdoor adventures that they can experience and the activities and games that you will have them enjoy, another way to ensure that they will have the best summer time is to prepare some campfire treats for them.

Nothing can be better than the laughter and stories that you share with your family around a campfire. Here are some of the best and delicious campfire treats that you can make for your family for a memorable family camping.

SMORES- You must have heard of this classic campfire treat. It is made with marshmallows, Graham crackers, and Hershey’s milk chocolate. Toast as much marshmallows as you want and press them with two Graham crackers and a piece of chocolate. For a better and more special smores, you can use peanut chip cookies instead.

CHOCOLATE BANANAS- Get a strip of aluminum foil of around 12 inches long, cut an entire banana lengthwise, ad put caramel or chocolate in it. Squeeze the two halves of the banana together and wrap the foil around it. Put it on a fire or coals for around 4 to 6 minutes. When it is done, take it off the flame, open it up and enjoy the yummy taste of the melted chocolate in the banana.

CINNAMON APPLE- The same as how you made the bananas, you can use apples. All you will need to do is remove the core of the apple using a knife or the end of a peeler. Be careful enough to maintain the shape of the apple. Make the hole of the apple not too small for cinnamon and brown sugar. Use a foil to wrap the apples and put them in the fire for at most 5 minutes.

Going on a family camping holiday is indeed something special, thus it deserves the most special treats for your kids.

Choosing A Good Tent Will Make A Great Camping Experience

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If we have chosen the option to camp in a tent we need to know a few things before we decide which one to buy. The tent size is considered to be one of its most important features so we need to spend some time thinking about our camping trips, where we are going to use the tent and with how many campers. Sometimes the name of the tent can confuse the buyers because they often think that the name of the tent means the exact number of people that it can house.

We have to remember that 4 man tents are not always a good choice for 4 campers. Different types of tents with the same size defer with every manufacturer so we need to be careful when choosing and it is always a good idea to test It first before we buy it. A problem may also occur if the camping group is carrying a lot of equipment and expect to house it in a tent of a smaller size. This is why, it is always good to buy a larger tent. We should also think about the comfort inside of the tent. The campers will usually bring along a sleeping bag and this will also require a little extra space.

Different shapes of tents will have different ability to create spacious interior. The cabin style tents are known to be the most spacious tents. Some models can come with room dividers which are great to have for creating privacy. They can be zipped at any time and create two separate rooms.  Sometimes it is advisable to fill the tent to the full capacity in order to create more warmth inside, especially needed during the cold winter nights. Some other extra features are added to some models to create better comfort. Some models may have mesh windows for better ventilation; some can be well secured with fire proof fabrics, etc.

Caravan Awings Need To Be Covered Too

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A family vacation in your van can be a wonderful experience.  Your van can serve as a means of transport as well as providing shelter along the way.  Accessories such as awnings can add a lot of comfort to your van just as it can to your primary shelter, your home.  You need to keep the interior cool in the hot summer months and if you are camping in your van you also will appreciate the additional privacy carefully selected caravan awnings can provide.  Accessories, including your awnings, however, can change your insurance.   It is a good idea to conduct a camper van insurance comparison before you add awnings or other accessories.

Start with the company which currently provides coverage for your van.  Explain to your agent the modifications you are planning and ask him if an additional premium would be charged.  Some companies might not bother especially if the modifications you are planning do not represent any significant change to the use of your van.  Another factor would be the awnings themselves.  Cheap caravan awnings are available, but they might actually pose a risk to you and your vehicle if they break.  Some awnings, for example, are large and are designed to mount in a tube over the side doors of your van.  These cheap awnings might work, but they also might break while your van is moving damaging the exterior.  More expensive units with better mounting hardware might pose no risk to you or your van.  Review your plans with your insurance company before making any modifications to your van.

Good quality caravan awnings might add to the value of your van to the point where they merit full coverage also in case of an accident.  That is another reason for contacting your insurer before you make the modifications.  Your van represents a major investment and it should be fully covered in case of accident.  Accessories such as awnings can add a lot to your vacation, but they should also be fully covered along with your van.  Make sure they are before you have them installed.

Camping Lanterns are Clean, Safe and Efficient

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For those who want plenty of light at the campsite, camping lanterns are no longer a hassle. You do not have to worry about messy oils that give off an offensive odor. Today’s new products are also safer, as there is no fire to worry about. They can be hung from a tree limb, in the tent or wherever light is needed.

Some people prefer to use propane or fuel oil lanterns when camping. However, they can be messy and difficult to manage. You also have to think about where they are placed. Even on a flat surface, a strong wind could possibly knock them over, creating a potential fire hazard.

New LED camping lanterns offer a safe and bright alternative. Though they run on batteries, the light is very energy efficient, so you can keep them on for a long time. They are safe for children, so finding their way to the bathroom or shower in the dark is much simpler.

You may want to use these products for outdoor card games or board games at the campground. You may simply want additional lighting sources on a deck or patio for night time parties or entertaining. If you prefer not to worry about changing batteries, an electric camping lantern may also be a good choice.

With a rechargeable battery, you can have long lasting power to illuminate even the darkest of camp sites. Many models come with a an AC and a DC car charger, so you can have power even in remote sites with no electric hook ups. This makes the electric model ideal for many outdoor activities, such as camping, boating or hunting.

If you want a Coleman lantern, you can select any type that you desire. Oil and propane models are available for around $50 to $80, depending on the fuel source and model. For LED models, prices range from $10 to $40. With all lanterns, you should consider the costs of purchasing additional fuel sources or batteries. Rechargeable models are probably the most cost effective, at around $30 to $40, as they require no additional supplies and can be recharged from your vehicle, if no other power sources are available.