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Caravan Awings Need To Be Covered Too

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A family vacation in your van can be a wonderful experience.  Your van can serve as a means of transport as well as providing shelter along the way.  Accessories such as awnings can add a lot of comfort to your van just as it can to your primary shelter, your home.  You need to keep the interior cool in the hot summer months and if you are camping in your van you also will appreciate the additional privacy carefully selected caravan awnings can provide.  Accessories, including your awnings, however, can change your insurance.   It is a good idea to conduct a camper van insurance comparison before you add awnings or other accessories.

Start with the company which currently provides coverage for your van.  Explain to your agent the modifications you are planning and ask him if an additional premium would be charged.  Some companies might not bother especially if the modifications you are planning do not represent any significant change to the use of your van.  Another factor would be the awnings themselves.  Cheap caravan awnings are available, but they might actually pose a risk to you and your vehicle if they break.  Some awnings, for example, are large and are designed to mount in a tube over the side doors of your van.  These cheap awnings might work, but they also might break while your van is moving damaging the exterior.  More expensive units with better mounting hardware might pose no risk to you or your van.  Review your plans with your insurance company before making any modifications to your van.

Good quality caravan awnings might add to the value of your van to the point where they merit full coverage also in case of an accident.  That is another reason for contacting your insurer before you make the modifications.  Your van represents a major investment and it should be fully covered in case of accident.  Accessories such as awnings can add a lot to your vacation, but they should also be fully covered along with your van.  Make sure they are before you have them installed.