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Doro 341gsm: The Phone for Aged People

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Well, Doro is the brand for the seniors. In this age, where mobile phone companies are trying to pack several different application and software along with uplifting the fascia of their phones, Doro is doing the exact opposite. It has ruled out almost all simple and complicated features and has worked on highlighting only the basic aspects. It has limited its phone functions largely to calling, messaging and saving numbers. 341gsm is one among Doro’s many such phones.
How do you define if a phone is good? Whenever a handset fulfills most if not all requirements of its target buyers, it is generally considered to be a good phone. And as Doro 341gsm successfully satisfies most of the needs of elderly people, it can be taken as one of the best options for the said group.
Let’s look at some features of Doro 341gsm. It emphasizes on the basic features like making and accepting calls and text messages and saving contacts (up to 300 numbers).
It has an auto key lock system. This means, after a given period of time the keypad automatically gets locked and needs to be manually unlocked.
The keypad is uncluttered and the keys are large which helps in easy dialing. The numbers on the keys are also bigger than usual and are backlit, so that it is easier to see.
You can also use a pair you earphones with the mobiles. This helps you avoid the trouble of holding the phone to your ears and straining your hands.
There are also some extra features like- emergency calling and SMS, alarm clock, vibration alert, 7 speaker and ringer volume levels and bigger display with bright contrast.
So, in case you are looking for a very simple and high utility handset for someone elderly, then Doro 341gsm might be the right prick for you.
Martin Elmer is the editor of Doro 341gsm. Here you can also read about Doro mobil.