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Cheap Double Mattress – Purchasing Tips

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A double mattress is a comfortable enough sleeping space for a single person or a very cozy mattress for two persons. The length of a double mattress is 75 inches. This is a standardized length throughout the US. Double mattresses are also known as full sized beds and normally couples choose a wider sized bed such as a queen just to give them some room to spread out.  What follows are some tips to help you select a cheap double mattress that will be sufficient to your purpose.

* If the double cheap mattress is intended for a guest bed, which is almost never used, then a standard foam mattress might be something to consider. Its durability has improved a lot over the last years; however, it has some significant drawbacks too. Odors tend to linger on the standard pressed foam mattresses, they tend to be hot to sleep on despite improvements and durability may be an issue. A cheap double mattress of memory foam could do the job if you feel you are not going to use the guest bed often.

* If durability is a factor and the guest bed is to be used more frequently then, a standard type of box spring mattress can be just the right choice in cheap double mattresses. It will last 10 to 15 years and though not the most comfortable of all mattresses it is relatively inexpensive and long lived.

* If comfort is also a factor and you are searching for just the right cheap double bed mattress, you could consider a memory foam mattress or the less expensive alternative of a memory foam topper. These will not be the cheapest mattresses on the market but bargains can be found that make the price of a memory foam mattress affordable and attractive when you want comfort as well as economy. A memory foam topper can even do the job if your current mattress is in good shape. If you will be sleeping on the mattress and you have back problems, joint pains or other sleep issues this could be something to consider for comfort’s sake.

Whichever type of double mattress you decide to purchase it is wise to remember that a cheap double mattress, that only lasts a couple of years, is not a real bargain, so choose wisely.