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Finding Antique Clock Parts And Quartz Clock Movements

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Getting your precious antique clock broken can be a very frustrating experience. This would be so since antique clocks are very rare and they often come with very expensive price tags. In here we shall discuss some tips as to how you can effectively and quickly look for antique clock parts that you will need for your antique clock repair.

In doing clock overhauls or repairs, the first thing you need to do is to determine the manufacturer of the piece you have in hand and its individual parts. You can do this by taking a look at some serial numbers, inscriptions on the clock’s dial, on its back, or underneath it. You can also look at the style of the clock’s face. These things will give you good clues about the origin of your antique clock. Doing this will help reduce your efforts in searching – plus this also gives you a sense of direction. With the name of the brand or company that built the clock you want to repair, you can now do your actual search. One of the best places you can look for clock parts would be at online shops or stores. In here, you can look at different parts alongside some useful information that you might find handy while you’re doing your actual repair. Some of the websites or shops you can go to online would be Timesavers, The Clocksmiths, and the Frankenmuth Company. These companies offer a lot of different clock parts including quartz clock movements. One of the main advantages of searching online is the ease and speed it provides you. Aside from that, browsing online also saves you a lot of effort.

On the other hand, if you don’t spot the parts that you need from the internet, you can always turn to your local library or bookstore for some books that will give you some tips as to where you can look for the parts you need.