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Simply love Christmas

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Hey hey look out for who is coming to town! Perhaps you have guessed right because it is none other than Santa Claus! Who would forget the burly built man who goes HO HO HO down the street! Well, Santa Claus is coming to town and I wonder what cheap cool toys he is going to bring this time. I have always felt that the notion of Santa Claus sliding down the chimney as a silly idea. First of all, Santa Claus is supposed to be someone who is big sized. Wont sliding down the chimney be a challenge for this man who is relatively big sized? In addition, Santa Claus is carrying with him a big sack of cheap cool toys. Would coming down the chimney restrict the amount of toys that he can carry?

Well, what I have just said is hypothetical, but it is good to imagine Santa Claus once in a while. Believe in the power of the law of attraction! While Santa Claus may not be real, it would be good to dream about getting some new toys for Christmas, because you never know when your parents will get some of those toys that you really want in the place of Santa, and place them in the stockings hanging over the fireplace too! While we are talking about toys, let me introduce to you some Melissa and Doug cheap cool toys such as the birthday party birthday cake! Well my birthday is coming soon (I mean really!) and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Melissa and Doug birthday cake! Well ok, maybe I prefer a real cake but a toy cake that can be cut up and pieced back together again is kind of fun too, don’t you think? So check out this cool toy!