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Liposuction – Are the Side Effects Worth it?

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Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that involves removing fat through a thin follow tube called a cannula. The doctor literally is able to suck fat out of the body with liposuction. Say good-bye to all those stubborn problem areas!

The idea candidate for liposuction is someone who is in good health both mentally and physically, has realistic expectations, and has thoroughly researched both the procedure and doctor who is to be performing the surgery. Some patients are simply unhappy with the results of the plastic surgery because they did not know what they were getting themselves into. The liposuction side effects are very minor, but you should still do your research.

The perform the liposuction surgery, the doctor will begin by putting you under anesthesia, either general or local, but most likely local. He will them make tiny incisions where the cannula will be inserted to suck the fat out. A machine will assist him in sucking the fat out.  He will then stitch up the incisions, the rest of the liposuction recovery phase can begin.

At the beginning of the liposuction recovery period, you will experience some pain and soreness. This will be fairly mild however, and you shouldn’t need more than two or perhaps three days off from work, depending on what type of job you have (if your job requires  lot of strenuous manual labor, then you will obviously take more time off). There will also be a lot of swelling and bruising during the early phases of the liposuction recovery, however these will fade over time and shouldn’t be an issue a month down the road.

If you are worried about liposuction side effects, you probably shouldn’t be as they are generally quite mild. Most people will tolerate the side effects of liposuction and liposuction recovery quite well.

Compare Cosmetic Surgery Prices First

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When starting down the road to cosmetic surgery it may be natural to not focus too much on pricing. Once a patient starts the process it seems realistic to stay with the doctor you originally got comfortable with instead of comparing cosmetic surgery prices and actually being a responsible shopper.

It is not the first thought to shop for a doctor because it feel more right much of the time to make a decision more on the comfort level we have with the facility and the doctor but the truth is we can many times get just as comfortable with another facility that has competent help and care. The truth is it could mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If we were buying a car we would be remiss to avoid shopping for the best deal and it is important to do the same when finding a plastic surgeon and staff.

Of course the main concern should be safety and the competence of the medical staff but that factor being established, there is nothing wrong or improper about shopping for  the best value. Doctors don’t pay the first price quoted to them for a new house or a new car and probably not for any large ticket item so why should you be treat their services any different.

There is a honor due a doctor but don’t ever forget they are in business to make a buck and need to remain competitive in their surgical and medical offerings. It probably doesn’t seem comfortable but in this day when you can pay a very high price for any medical treatment it is an appropriate thing to do. Especially when you are paying most, if not all, of the cost as in cosmetic surgery. Insurance usually does not cover it so every dollar is out of your pocket. Here is some advice on how to compare cosmetic surgery prices.

Make a consultation appointment with at least two doctors and better yet three or four doctors and get their complete written recommendations with pricing. It is not inappropriate to ask for this if not offered. Once you have those recommendations in hand you will have received a pretty complete education about the surgery you are going to have as each doctor will most likely fill in the picture a little more completely.

At that point you will be able to form a list of questions based on your understanding of each doctors offer and you will truly be able to compare offers and know your comfort level depending on how you were treated by each. As they say apples to apples comparison and a knowledge of the doctor and staff sounds to me like a much smarter way to approach a high ticket surgery paid for by the consumer.

Take your time, think on paper and make lots of notes when you compare cosmetic surgery prices. If you will complete this task, adapting as you go, you will find it a real eye opening experience and one that will make you a wiser consumer and usually save you some money or at least get you the team you want to do your surgery based on a reasonable scientific comparison.