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Cot Bed Mattresses – Why They Are Important For Your Baby’s Growth

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Bringing up a baby can be a very exciting and nerve wrecking experience. Your life completely changes when you have to focus on caring for someone else. There are many things that you have to prepare for including the many baby products and clothing you will need to buy. Today, the choice of baby products and accessories is huge and this can be overwhelming for many first time parents. You have to try and figure out what you really need. The reality is that you will not need half of the stuff and is sold to you. The best advice is to focus on the essentials such as baby food, clothing, cots and cot bed mattresses.

The first year of your child’s life is very important for its growth. At this stage the baby’s bone structure is soft and supple therefore, it will need a soft but firm mattress to support its body. When it comes to cot mattresses you have basically 2 types to choose from. These include either the foam and spring cot mattress. The foam mattress is the less expensive and lighter of the two. They come in various thicknesses from 70 mm to 4 inches. Obviously the thicker the foam the more support your baby will have. In the past there has been a lot of negative media surrounding the use of chemicals in certain foam products and a possible link to cot death. This link has never been proven and the toxic chemicals that were used in the past have now been removed. The spring mattress uses circular spring coils that are covered in protective padding for comfort. These are more expensive than foam, however they provide the best support and are more durable.

To prolong the life of the mattress many people use a cot bed mattress protector. The protector prevents the likes of moisture from perspiration and milk spillages leaking into the mattress where germs and bacteria can breed. Many of the modern mattress protectors have special layers that are not only waterproof they are also able to absorb moisture which helps your little one sleep more comfortably by staying dry.

Getting a Cot Bed and Cot Bedding

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A cot bed, or what’s called a crib in the United States, is the first choice for beds for very young children in most European countries and the United States. A cot bed features bars on all four sides of the bed that serve to keep your baby from falling out and injuring him/herself. The ones that are better designed also prevent your baby or toddler from crawling out when they get older, which is important for safety.
When choosing a cot bed, there are a few key features that are important for making things as easy as possible. For one, you want an easy slide down mechanism that drops down one side of the cot bed so that you don’t have to strain your back bending over to pick up and put down baby. Doing so involves an awkward and unnatural motion, and can result in back injuries even when your baby doesn’t weigh all that much. The same goes for feeding baby while in the cot bed or changing diapers. You will want to be able to drop the side down using only one hand, as busy parents usually have one, if not both hands full. If you will need to move the cot bed from place to place on a fairly regular basis, you will want to get a model that has castors. Make sure the castors are lockable, as you want the bed to remain stationary at certain times.
Extra features which may not be necessary are chewable rails, which can be good for teething children. Otherwise, they will chew the bars themselves and this could result in damage to the bed. Some models are also available with toys built into the bars or between bars, and these can be fun for infants and toddlers to play with. In terms of making things more comfortable for parents, an adjustable cot bed mattress may be a good idea. This allows you to raise the mattress to a higher level, which makes changing diapers and the like much easier on the back.
In terms of cot bedding, there are many choices out there from sheets to cot bed duvet covers. All the cot bed bedding you could ever need can be found made just for cot beds, and it might behoove you to just get a cot bedding set instead of choosing each piece of bedding individually. When it comes to cot beds and cot bedding, having a good idea of what you want can make it much easier to pick from the many models on the market.

2 things to know before you buy a cot bed mattress for kids

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Buying a cot bed mattress for kids is like entering a candy store and having to pick one: they all look so good, yet only a few will actually become your favorites. And you do want the best when it comes to your child, so you will have to pick carefully. There are cot bed mattresses for children up to 2 years, 4 years of age or even ones that can be used for kids up to 10 years.

Even though, they do a great job in creating a comfortable mattress for children, a parent must also test the mattress before buying to avoid certain problems from occurring. What if the mattress if just bad for your children’s spine? Maybe it’s bad only for him and not for others. These sort of problems tend to happen because each child is different and because their back is not completely developed.

Except from this, there are also another 2 things that a parent needs to know about buying a baby cot mattress:

1. You must know the exact measurements of the bed your kid sleeps in. Why is that? Because you need to get a mattress fit for that bed and not one that is going to hang over the sides of the bed. Or maybe you will just get a smaller mattress, what then? Measuring the bed will save you from having to go back to the store and exchange the mattress. Many parents had to do this because they did not do a simple measurement. They just thought they can approximate the size and don’t need to actually take the dimensions. Clearly, they were wrong.

2. And that’s not the only thing that needs to be measured. Knowing if your current sheets will fit the next mattress is also important. This way, you will at least know that you must also buy new sheets for it. You can write them down as expenses and be prepared to buy new ones. You don’t want to get home and find out that you must go back to the store to get sheets.