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Where To Buy Cheap Jewelry Online

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There is no shortage of cheap jewelry available from online retailers but the trick is finding a shop which can sell you the quality items at these discount prices. Of course where you go to get what you need will depend on what use you are going to put your new jewelry to. Do you need something for your wedding day, or perhaps an engagement ring? If so you are going to be shopping in different places than someone who simply wants find a few pieces of costume jewelry for nights out on the town.

If you need some suggestions about where you can uncover the perfect pieces for your needs than I will give you a few shops to start your search.

1. If its cubic zirconia engagement rings you are looking for then a place called Almost Diamonds sells some great pieces set in Sterling Silver. Goldenmine is another option for the same type of thing and they also have a some fantastic cubic zirconia wedding rings set in real gold. For wedding rings for men and lab created costume jewelry you will want to check out Jewelry Vortex for a nice range of products at unbeatable prices. Anna Bellagio is the place to go for the very best bridal jewelry for your wedding day and Orange Blossom Tiaras can’t be beat for head wear.

2. If you are instead trying to find the perfect pieces for going out with your friends then shops such as Emitations and Bling Jewelry hold the stock to make you happy. Fantasy Jewelry Box is another place that might be worth a look if you need more choice. If you prefer to find something that mimics the jewelry you’ve seen worn by the Hollywood stars at rock bottom prices then Emitations is once again a good choice, along with a retailer called HSN.

3. What you won’t know is that a lot of the best places to find cheap jewelry are hardly publicized. If you want to find such places then you need to dig deep into the Internet. Friends might be able to tell you of their favorite places, or you can read all about the best shops on Internet forums.

Comfortable Large Stone CZ Eternity Rings

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A Full CZ eternity ring might look great when you see them on the Internet but there are negative aspects you have to be aware of before you buy. The main one is the fact that they can be uncomfortable to wear due to the fact that there are gems all the way round and you can end up catching them on your clothes, or have them rub on your fingers.

Yet there’s no reason not to wear eternity rings or to have large stones, but instead of choosing full eternity bands, try going for a half. What that means is that from the top the cubic zirconia rings will appear to be full, but the stones are set only where they are visible and not all around. Usually these styles have between three and seven large stones. The largest stones are best kept to a bezel setting and the best cuts are baguette or inlaid round. Even channel set eternity bands can be comfortable. Try to stick to fewer larger stones and give the illusion of an eternity ring so that you can actually wear it comfortably.

Alternatives to Traditional Eternity Rings

Since the large stone CZ eternity rings that have stones all around are not very practical, try going for what is called a trilogy ring, which has three large stones with the same eternal significance as the eternity bands – one stone for the past, one for the present and one for the future. The designs are such that usually all three stones will be the same size and when they are large and inlaid they will look very similar to a half eternity ring.
For extra sparkle consider a channel set style with accenting pave set cubic zirconia all around the band. Very small inlaid or pave set diamonds or CZs give the illusion of more diamonds because they refract the light a lot more than a single stone.

For some fun ideas, go to Goldenmine, Emitations, Almost Diamonds and other online shops that have various sizes of eternity rings with cubic zirconia stones and trilogy rings and even the half eternity bands that can hold larger gems to sparkle as much a full one, and don’t forget to pick up a pair of matching cubic zirconia stud earrings while you are there to complete your sparkling new look.