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How to reduce your calorie intake

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1. Instead of milk chocolate, eat dark chocolate (it has more antioxidants). However do not overdo it, because it has more calories.

2. Replace red with white wine, which is more protective on the heart. But drink lightly! Alcohol makes you fat.

3. Give up white bread and eat the whole black bread. Refined flour (white flour) offers only calories and no integrated fiber and vitamins.

4. Instead of sugar, rather use skimmed dried milk when preparing sweets. This way you actually train your body to require less sugar, which is harmful.

5. Juices like “cola” contain additives that fat, even if you choose “light”. Replace them with tea. It is healthy it quenches your thirst and cools you in summer.

6. All carbonated refreshments are harmful to your figure, regardless of color, flavor or brand. Replace them with plain water or, why not water and lemon. Plenty of it actually!

7. Reduce the amount of meat you eat normally by one quarter and replace the rest with lentils. This way, you eat less saturated fat – bad for blood vessels – and more of the unsaturated which are good for the heart.

8. Instead of a quarter of the weekly portion of meat, eat fish. It is an ideal source of protein and it has extra vitamins and valuable fat (Omega 3).

9. Fruit yogurt is healthy, but contains too much sugar and it is kind of … fat. Opt for natural yoghurt. It is healthier.

10. Go to the gym or do some workout routines at home, just do some exercises.

Some say that “I want to lose weight” but this is all they can do … talk, they do not take any action … and then they are sad because they are not able to lose weight. Sometimes all you have to do is do something to have results. Getting some awesome weight loss tips can’t hurt either.