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What Men Think About Women in Red

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When coming to the most special evening affairs, the best way to stand out in the sea of boring black dresses is arriving in a fabulous red evening gown. Known as the color of beauty, red is also deeply associated with strong sex appeal. And indeed, when a woman in red walks in, men can’t help but turn around and look. This happens to be a universal truth for all men. And though the little black dress never fails to impress them, they find red to hold more impact.

Being a strong, superior color, a woman who chooses to don the red says a lot about herself. For men, the color is something that’s so hard to get bored with. It always holds interest and commands attention, just as the woman who wears it, she is seen as truly interesting and worthy of their attention. Different men could have different views about the hue, depending on how it is carried. But commonly, for a man, a lady in red could be saying any of these things:

1.       “I have a bad, bad attitude!”. This may be more on the sexy side – - – or could be associated on a woman’s strong character. A woman who wears red may be looked as dangerous, wild or purely has an attitude.
2.       “I’m onto something”. Red is a color that communicates confidence. As for a woman who dons it, she is seen as a go-getter and could even be aggressive at times. While some men may find this intimidating, others look at it as a challenging personality.
3.       “I’m different and I’m not afraid to be.” This talks about the woman having a good fashion sense. And indeed, red is a fashion-friendly color that goes perfectly with almost neutrals in your wardrobe. Known to be a tricky color to wear, a woman who can pull it off with ease clearly has a creative imagination and a bold opinion of her style.

Whichever way, one thing’s for sure – - – a lady in red is attractive. Looking beautiful in a red dress ain’t hard. In fact, looking for one is even more difficult. But with red becoming a more popular evening wear for women, options are amazingly numerous. From the racks of local shops to online catalogues and retails fashion stores, red dresses come in all styles and sizes for women of all sizes and shapes to don. But remember, men better appreciates the elegant and classy, rather than trashy and tacky, making womens red evening gowns a more suitable wardrobe must-have than the skimpy womens red dresses.