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Beauty Options For Lash Enhancement

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Most women long for lush, beautiful eyelashes, whether real or acquired through cosmetics or eyelash extensions. Coloring for eyelashes, such as kohl or mascara are the oldest and most common way of making lashes appear thicker, longer and fuller. By darkening the lashes the eyes appear brighter and more luminous. Many types of mascara include ingredients to thicken and extend lashes, such as waxes or tiny fibers. Some mascara brands even promise to strengthen lashes and improve their growth. Mascaras are most common in shades of brown or black, however, the more adventurous can also choose from bright colors such as green or blue, or even metallics, which add definition and sparkle.

False eyelashes are another method of increasing lash length and fullness. False eyelashes are manufactured along a fabric strip and are glued to the eyelid along the base of the natural lashes. Styles include short strips meant to accent only the outer corner of the eye, to natural, long or super long for a dramatic effect. False eyelashes come in nearly every color imaginable, and can even include glitter, rhinestones, metallic lashes, and feathers.

Mascara and false eyelashes require daily application and removal. For wearers looking for a more long-lasting product, semi-permanent lash extensions are a practical and natural looking choice. Semi-permanent eyelashes are hair-like fibers that are glued individually to the user’s natural lashes. Because they adhere to lashes rather than skin, semi-permanent eyelash extensions last as long as the growth cycle of the user’s natural lashes; typically 4 to 6 weeks before requiring replacement touch-ups. Most semi-permanent lash extensions require professional application, which can be expensive ($300 or more), although home kits, averaging around $50 are available from various retailers or online stores. These kits work similarly to professional kits, but are applied at home and typically last only two to three weeks.

Beautiful eyelashes can be had, whether through mascara, false, or semi-permanent lash extensions. The modern consumer looking for a way to enhance the beauty of their eyes has the luxury of choosing from daily or semi-permanent choices according to their lifestyle, budget and beauty needs.