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The Fear of Driving Explained

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You may or may not know about the fear of driving and it may seem like a silly fear to you but in actual fact, it is quite scary. In this article we are going to discuss what sort of symptoms you may experience from a driving fear and what sort of signals you should be looking out for in case you think that one of your loved ones may be suffering from this. A driving phobia is not as uncommon as you may think so why not take a look at this article and see whether you can spot some familiar signs.

The most common symptom of a phobia is the panic attack that presents itself and is practically uncontrollable. The signs of theses panic attacks are pretty simple to see. The first sign is usually the dizziness that accompanies the shortness of breath. This then brings on the sweats and the uncontrollable urge to panic. The panicking can sometimes come from the fear itself or it may come from the fact that you feel you can’t breathe. Many people will hyperventilate during a panic attack so this is a sure fire sign that the person is afraid of what they have come face to face with.

Of course you may not get the chance to see this panic attack because your loved one or friend may be avoiding driving altogether. This is also noticeable but you just need to know what to look for. Take a look for excuses and reasons that they can’t drive. It may be because it’s out of their way, it may because they don’t feel very well or they may want a drink in the evening. It’s up to you to show your friend or loved one the support that they need to overcome their anxiety of driving over bridges or driving in the dark and help them to gain their lives back.