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Flat abs exercises – the top 5

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The best exercises for flat abs are a combination of various exercises and not only abs exercises. All of them work together to give the most effective way for building flat abs. Let’s look at those exercises now.

1. Cardio interval training

Cardio interval training is the cardio exercise that burns the most fat and calories of all the cardio exercises there is. And if you want to see your abs, you have to get rid of all the excess tummy fat you may have. To do so, do 3 sessions of cardio interval training per week of 20 minutes each.

2. Weight training

Weight training is one of the most important exercises when you need to lose body fat and you want to build lean definition. Follow a full body effective weight training program like the the truth about abs workouts and you’ll soon see a difference.

3. Abs exercises

Abs exercises are not the number one exercise to get flat abs. But it is however very important when you want to define your abdominal muscles. The best abs exercises are: crunches, the bicycle, the plank, and lying leg trusts.

4. Free exercise

The more chances you get to burn calories, the leaner you will become. Make sure you make room for regular free exercises like the following: taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking your dog and playing with your kids outside.

5. Relaxing exercises

Excess fat is stored on the tummy when you stress too much. To avoid that from happening, do some relaxing exercises like yoga and Pilates.

Just implement these exercises together with a healthy diet and regular exercise and you will be on your way to developing flat abs. But if you want to make sure that you’ll get a six pack, have a look at the truth about 6 pack abs – it contains everything you’ll need to build a six pack.