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Flowers for Weddings? Go White and Purple

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Weddings are rituals that come with many symbols to accentuate the real meaning of the event.  It is not only the union of two people but their souls as well.  All over the world, every culture race and belief see to make a wedding as spiritual as they see fit.  They provide many objects of symbolism to make the wedding more fruitful heavily supported with all their faiths and hopes.  Flowers are the most preferred symbols to include in a wedding because they symbolize love, joy and hope.  With white and purple wedding flowers they give more meaning to this fantastic event.

The color white is the symbol of purity and mostly worn by the bride.  This purity is often related to virginity which in many cases is not the case anymore, but white symbolizes more than just that.  White flowers symbolize new beginnings, where one starts with a clean slate disregarding of what has happened and beginning a new life with your partner as husband and wife.  The color purple livens up the ceremony symbolizing mystery and magic.  Love is magic and the future entails many mysteries to be discovered together.  Show the essence of your wedding and paint them with white and purple wedding flower arrangements.

Royalty has been associated with royalty for a long time.  A wedding would be the perfect time to express royalty because the brides and grooms are the queens and kings of their ceremony even for just one day.  We can therefore say that white and purple flowers best fits the symbols needed to support this ritualistic event.  It not only colors your wedding wonderfully,  it represents the union of two people with pure love and a new beginning to jump start a future of creating new life together. So why not go for white and purple and begin the adventure right?