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Rice Cooker Reviews to Help You Choose

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Read rice cooker reviews before you commit to buying one of these kitchen appliances. There are so many to choose from these days that to find the best rice cooker you really need to do a lot of information gathering beforehand. A good place to start your research is on the Amazon website. Not only do they offer some of the lowest prices online for a huge range of household appliances, they also have loads of customer reviews written by people who have actually bought the rice cookers in question. So when you see a device that has hundreds of reviews and still maintains a 5 star rating, then you know it really is a top quality product.

There are plenty of different rice cooker manufacturers that are selling these machines all over the U.S. and Canada these days. Not only can you find those made by U.S. companies but there are now a lot of models that are produced by Japanese companies. Some of the easiest to find include Zojirushi, Tiger, Sanyo and Panasonic.

When you are reading rice cooker reviews you will notice that there is often the mention of the word “Micom”. What does this mean? Well, it is actually an abbreviation. It stands for Micro Computerized. So instead of just being an electrical appliance with a timer, it actually contains a microchip that makes your cooker “intelligent”. This microchip is the “brains” inside the unit. It controls things like the temperature at which your rice cooks as well as how long it cooks for. So if you can afford to get one, Micom is definitely the way to go.

These days, most of the Japanese rice cookers that are made contain this Micom functionality. So as you can probably tell, a Japanese made device is the best sort you can buy.

Sanyo Micom Rice Cooker Options

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There are a host of different Japanese companies that manufacture rice cookers these days. A popular option is to buy a Sanyo ECJ-PX50S. In Japan, rice is eaten every day so they demand the highest quality from their electronics producers. There are many firms that produce these appliances such as Zojirushi, Tiger, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and of course Sanyo.

So how do you know which rice cooker to buy?

There are many to choose from. As long as you have the money, one of the things you want to make sure of is that you get a Micom rice cooker. These machines have a micro chip that controls the cooking operation. It can adjust things like the temperature within the inner cooking bowl as well as the length of time that your rice cooks for. The Sanyo ECJ-PX50S is of course a Micom rice cooker. But that is not all. It actually has an advanced Micom chip and on top of this it also includes a variable pressure control feature.

You might think that this may make it a very expensive machine. It is to a certain extent but when compared to other devices it is actually more of a mid-priced rice cooker. Currently it costs about $150. Admittedly this is not cheap. It really depends what you want in a rice cooking appliance as to whether this sort of machine is worth purchasing.

Are you the sort of person who eats rice daily or do you only hope to eat it perhaps once a week? The more often you are thinking of cooking rice, the more sense it makes to get a higher quality cooker.

While some people think that rice is rice, now a days, with advances in technology, more expensive rice cookers really can make much better tasting rice.

How to Add an Industrial Kitchen to a Busy Bar

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As bars get busier and busier it is becoming more and more common to see food being served daily in these previously drinking only establishments. The reason for this increase in food being served is more than likely for one reason – profit. Selling food in a busy bar in addition to drinks can really put a lot of extra money in the owner’s pocket. Food is one aspect of the catering industry that has a large profit margin, with food costing little to buy on average when compared to the prices that can be charged for it. So it is little wonder that a business owner would want to add an industrial kitchen area to an already busy bar.

If they want to build a bar, they will first have to go through two initial steps:

Firstly, they will have to find a good restaurant equipment leasing company. A leasing company will supply the kitchen equipment, the supplies as well if asked, and they will also replace the machines with newer models every couple of years, and even repair the equipment should any faults develop. Of course the owner of the bar will have to enter a lease agreement with the company that they will have to pay monthly or yearly in order to get this kind of service, but it will work out cheaper at least initially and the owner will not have to deal with the complexities involved with the multitude of business equipment.

Secondly, they will have to check will the local food hygiene authority to make sure that the industrial kitchen area is up to the task. The authority will recommend steps to be taken to ensure that the new kitchen meets health and safety standards, and this will benefit the business as well.

With these two steps completed, the bar owner can move onto running their kitchen effectively.