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A Fireplace Will Help Keep Your Home Warm

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If you live in a cool climate keeping your home warm is of the utmost importance. It is no fun to be cold all the time, on the other hand it is quite enjoyable to be warm and toasty on a bitter cold day. If you are one of those people who run a little cold anyway, you will probably use several methods to keep your home comfortable in winter.

These days most people have central heat with a furnace, either on the roof or in the attic or a closet. There are ducts connected to the furnace that connect to vents in each room of the house. This way the heat can be evenly dispersed throughout your home. You are only limited by how well your unit works and by the amount of energy you can afford to consume.

Many homes also have fireplaces which can heat an entire room, fairly well. In the past many people relied solely on their fireplace for heat. These days they are mostly used for ambiance. But a roaring fire can definitely take the chill off, and make a room toasty without spending a lot running your main heating unit. Most fireplaces are in the living room or family room. While many upscale homes will have extra fireplaces such as one in the bedroom or outdoors near the pool.

The traditional fireplace is wood burning although because of environmental considerations many new homes only come with gas burning fireplaces. These don’t heat as hot as the wood, but they don’t require tending and there is no mess to deal with the next day.

Many people have become very creative in the ways that they heat and cool their homes. With the rise in energy costs and peoples need to conserve there have been a lot of creative solutions to heating and cooling. Central heat and air is great as far as comfort is concerned and new systems can be very efficient. Throw in some innovative additions such as a heat pump and a whole house fan and your system will be very efficient. It has also been discovered that there are ways to help keep your home warm or cool without requiring the use of energy at all.

One way is to take advantage of the constant temperature of the earth. If your home was surrounded by earth it would be a constant 65 degrees. Large pipes can be ran underneath your home for venting that take advantage of this constant temperature. You can also save some energy by install solar panels where applicable and even small wind turbines where it will be efficient. If you are just interested in adding a little extra heat to your home a fireplace is one of the easiest options.

If you don’t have a fireplace there are portable options such as the trendy electric fireplace or the versatile fuel gel fireplace. The most important thing is to be safe so no matter what type of heating system you choose be sure to do your research and have it installed and inspected properly.