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Classic Porch Awnings

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If you’re old enough to remember the porches that most people had in their front yards, then you know how far we’ve strayed away from our original living style.  Somewhere along the way, we have replaced this friendly feel for more of a secluded lifestyle.  Now, the backyard patio has replaced the porch as the most common area to relax and enjoy after a hard day of work or weekend fun.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this, it is just the way we have evolved as a society.  So, more than ever, if you want to enjoy a shaded porch or patio space, whatever term you use for your private oasis, you will benefit from patio awnings.

There are some specific features of porch awnings that we will cover here as pertains to material, function and maintenance.  The size of the awning is also something to consider when making your choice.  Many awnings come in standard sizes, like 10×12 or 10×20 garden awnings.  These are the most common, but you can certainly order custom sizes as well.  In fact, if you have a unique porch or patio space, then this is probably what you’ll have to do.  A custom order can add anywhere from 10-20% to the price of your awning, but since these are installations you hope to have for quite some time, it is worth the investment for the perfect fit.

Awnings come in a variety of styles as well.  You can opt for a style that is more fixed in place, utilizing the classic ‘spear point’ mounting brace for your awning – often a striped pattern – or for something that is more flexible.  By flexible, we mean to say roll up awnings.  These types, like their name implies, roll up or retract into a self-contained protective tube.  The hardware for such awnings usually consists of lightweight materials like aluminum.  This makes for a great material for outdoor use as it is resistant to moisture and rusting.