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Add Solar Lights To Your Landscape

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Solar lights are a great way to perk up any landscaping project.  At one time, adding light features was a difficult and expensive proposition.  The lights would need to be wired, cables buried, and the electricity would be provided by the house.  With the advent of solar lights, this is no longer the case.  They can be installed easily and quickly, and in most cases are quite affordable.

Solar lights are small fixtures that feature an LED lamp, a solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.  The solar panel is usually affixed to the top of the lamp.  During the day, sunlight strikes the panel and creates an electrical charge.  This charge powers the battery.  At night, the battery runs the LED lights.  These lights have very low power consumption such that the battery is more than enough to keep the lamps going all night light.  In most cases, the light will automatically detect when it is dusk.  When there is no more light hitting the solar panel, the lamp knows that it is nighttime and turns on the LED.

While they do not provide as much illumination as a wired lighting system, they make wonderful accents.  They are frequently used to illuminate footpaths or other landscape features.  The addition of garden lighting can allow guests to enjoy the fruit of your labors even after the sun goes down.  This is especially true of night-blooming flowers such as Moonflowers and Angel’s Trumpet.  The garden lighting will highlight plants that most people do not get a good look at in the daytime.

Solar lighting comes in a variety of styles and designs.  By selecting lights that match a theme, provide a certain color, or have a specific shape, they add to the tools available to decorate one’s living space.  By adding solar lights, the homeowner effectively doubles his landscaping potential.  Not only is the yard a subject of interest and pleasure during the day, interest in it extends into the nighttime as well.

The Advent of Solar Garden Lighting

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Have you ever wondered how you could make your garden the talk of the town? Creative garden design always starts with the growing of beautiful plants in various orientations, and finishes with decor and lighting. At night, a garden can become a completely different place. Without the sun’s rays to define every leaf and color, a garden can be a scary place to be. All this changes when a set of garden lights is placed among the plants. Garden lights come in every color and shape you could want, allowing gardeners to select their lights for a custom fit. With the advent of solar technology, garden lighting has become a very easy thing to do.

Garden lights are themed, shaped and modeled after things you find in nature. Animals and plants are a natural fit for gardens, which is why the plastic shells of garden lights are colored and molded to resemble these things. Once set up, you will be able to show off your garden to friends and family and take pride in the colorful piece of art you have created.

Animals like ladybugs and dragonflies are frequently modeled in solar light form. Solar panels generate the electricity needed to power the internal LED bulbs. A cover is usually placed over the bulbs to shine through the plastic case. Color changing LEDs are used to create a rainbow of interesting patterns. Other garden lights have a solid, non-translucent shell with shaped holes in the sides. An example of this is an internally lit pot or lantern. The light shines out of the container and projects itself onto the area, casting shapes in the process. A chiminea is an alternate form of fire pit which is derived from terra cotta. It has an opening on the front where fire is placed, creating warmth amidst the cold air. The same LEDs used in garden lights are also used in LED grow light fixtures which help plants grow.

Three Ways to Use Garden Spot Lights in Your Yard

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As nighttime approaches, so does darkness. Lights guide us through the blackness of the night. As we step out of our yards we cannot help but ponder on what to do around it when nighttime strikes. There is just so much to do in a backyard, and putting on lights just makes it a lot more worthwhile for the entire day. So why not put up garden spot lights on your backyard? They can be used in a lot of different ways.


Lights, in general, are used to illuminate dark areas. Garden lighting can provide illumination to specific areas or the entire area as well. Setting up spotlights on walkways can provide safety since you are able to see where you are going. Lighting also allows you have a recreational area in your backyard even at night.

Enhance Your Garden’s Appearance

Spotlights, at proper position and combination, accentuate specific areas of your garden. This gives a sense of style and an added vigor to your backyard. Be sure to know the appropriate color and brightness to use before installing the spotlights. Do not get too animated in putting up spotlights on your garden, you might overdo the designing and would just spoil the scene. Inspire yourself with your ideal sanctuary. What’s more relaxing than the serenity and beauty of nature at your own home?


Most of us only put up bright lights in our front doorstep believing that burglars chose to enter through the front steps. Of course, they’d rather go through less lit areas to avoid getting caught. Putting up garden lights can actually discourage burglars from breaking into your homes.

Take a good look at your yard and visualize what you would love to see the next time you set foot on it. Transform your backyard into a place where you would want to spend most of your time at by setting up superb outdoor garden lights. As nighttime falls, you just can’t wait to go home and spend time with your family in a sanctuary you have built yourself.