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How To Get Heartgard Cheaper


Heartgard is without doubt a very effective heartworm medicine but some owners struggle to be able to afford it. Luckily there is a cheap alternative that we can use.

We can buy generic Heartgard for a very low price in fact. Valuheart heartworm is in fact extremely cheap to buy. It has the same active ingredient as Heartgard, in this case Ivermectin, and works in just the same way.

We can usually buy it for much less than half the price of the Heartgard and normally it costs under $20 for a six month supply. This is great news for all Dog owners. It is especially good news for those that run Dog shelters and pounds where they have to treat a large number of animals on a monthly basis.

We will find that Valuheart is the perfect answer for any one who needs to get a heartworm med at the lowest possible price. We simply give the tablets once a month for as much of the year as we can afford to. It is ideal to give every month of the year, especially if we live somewhere where it is warm for most of the year.

If we cannot do this or if we get cold winters so there are no mosquitoes present then we should give for the summer or warm months. We should then also give the tablets for a month before the warm weather and a month afterwards as well. This will cut down on the chance of our pets ever becoming infected with the small heartworm larvae which will the grow if we do not give them a monthly medication to eradicate the problem. We can now get this cheap medication online with no prescription so we can order easily and quickly to ensure that our pets are kept totally safe from this now quite common problem.