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Bronze Goddess By Estee Lauder

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This fragrance by Estee Lauder (producer of the perhaps more famous Beautiful perfume for women) was launched in 2008 as a complement of the make-up line “Bronze Goddess,” whose purpose is to give a summer tanned image. This is why this fragrance contains aromas of tropical beaches and a gourmand note. The official notes for this perfume are bergamot, mandarin, tiare milk (which is made with petals of Tahitian rose), coconut oil, lemon blossom, jasmine, petals of magnolia, myrrh, sandalwood, vetiver, caramel, and coconut cream.

From the very start there is a very sweet and striking note, of mandarins and oranges, with amber and vanilla (very similar to the opening of Clinique Happy perfume). Other notes are closer to a tanning lotion: tiare’, coconut, figs, and vanilla. In the middle notes vanilla becomes cake-like. In this gourmand galore, towards the beginning of the middle notes a the floral notes start to appear, with jasmine in the foreground, which balances the fragrance structure and prevents the perfume from becoming a tropical drink. This balance doesn’t change in the base notes, where the fruity side changing from coconut to vanilla and caramel.

Twelve hours after its application in the skin the fragrance is still very intense, and the fruity notes are stronger, a creamy mix of oranges and figs. After 24 hours (if you spray it on paper), it’s less intense, but the aromatic notes can still be smelt from a short distance.

As the name and the notes suggest, this Bronze goddess by Estee Lauder is especially suitable for a summer use. In an office environment it gives an optimist and energetic image, drawing attention. This energetic note can also stand out in formal or semi-formal occasions, like parties or weddings.

On the romantic side, this perfume works like a charm. The gourmand notes are in the foreground, drawing interest from a distance, and becoming more and more addictive from a shorter distance.