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Making the King Platform Bed a Focal Point in the Room

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For many people, their bed is the focal point of their bedroom. Beds are frequently richly adorned with pillows, covers and other accessories. Usually great care is taken to make sure that the design of the bed matches with the furniture in the room, and it is often the first place to look when you enter a bedroom. The simplistic king platform bed is much more difficult to make a focal point of the bedroom, but it can be done.

Basically a platform bed is a wooden platform where a mattress can be laid on top. Very rarely this bed will have a headboard, usually it does not. Some platform beds also have space underneath for drawers which can be a great help in situations where you need extra storage space, or your bedroom is very small. Normally, this is the type of bed that people will put in their guest room as it is usually sufficient for that type of room. Some people like the design of bed and are happy to have it in their master bedroom.

There are ways to dress this bed up so that it fits in with any type of décor. It all depends on what you place on top of the bed. For example, lots of throw pillows can really add a lot of color to the room. You can have the pillows either match the curtains or the bed cover, or be a totally contrasting color. A lot also depends on the type of bed cover you have on your bed. While you generally cannot have the type of bed set where the bottom cover falls to the floor, you can still make it look very attractive by having a colored sheet tuck under the mattress with a contrasting cover on top.

King platform beds
can be very stylish. There a many different designs and ideas for decorating your bed so that it fits in with your overall décor and adds a touch of class to your bedroom.