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The Laboratory’s Alternative to Mining for Emeralds

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While an emerald is somewhat common, in comparison to the other big four stones, which include sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, theya re far less popular than they were in centuries past. However, they remain a much sought after and desirable gemstone. Aside from being the May birthstone and the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary stone, emeralds are found appealing for their rich definition of the color green. Curiously enough, emeralds, usually mined for in South America and Africa, have been synthetically reproduced in laboratories, and these stones are chemically identical to their naturally produced counterparts.

These artifaced gems are not the same as fake or imitation emeralds. Emerald imitations are can be made from glass, beryl triplets, green hued cubic zirconia, YAG, and synthetic spinel triplets. These imitations are considered fake, and therefore cost significantly less than real emeralds. While the imitations appear to be emeralds to an untrained eye, their chemical composition is nothing like a genuine emerald. These gemstones, however, are not simple fakes or imitations. The laboratory processes that are used to create them mimic the actual natural forces that create emeralds naturally within the earth. This means that the lab created emeralds are completely identical to naturally created emeralds.

While lab created emeralds tend to be slightly cheaper than naturally occurring emeralds, their price is much higher than imitation emeralds which are made of other materials. Synthetic emeralds have a higher price because the laboratory processes that are carried out to create them are somewhat costly and they can take some degree of time to mature. Also, each batch of the created emeralds only produces a few emeralds that can be used for commercial uses due to their properties and ability to be cut and polished. However the end result is cheap foir a gemstone, and lab created emerald rings featuring top quality 2 carat stones are sold for $300-$500, very affordable comapred with a diamond or other gem! While some may argue that the emeralds created in the lab are not the real thing, it is impossible to argue that these emeralds are not identical to mined emeralds in every way except their origin.