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How to Make Lantern Types of Candle Holders

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Making suitable and different candle holders that will suit your own need and purpose requires a lot of creativity and patience. A candle is a source of light and it requires something to hold it, hence the advent of the candle and candle holder.

These holders are of various types of which you can decide which one you want to really make. Nevertheless, know the purpose for which it is intended before you produce. Also, you must also realize that beautiful ones can serve as gifts to your loved ones. The type of the holder you want to make will determine the steps you will follow in making such holders. The materials for the production of holders are available at any local market in your locality.

Some of the ingredients that will be used in production are as listed below:

-Plastic Cans
-Beads -any shape or size
-Glass vases
-Pretty stones
-Coffee Can
-Copper wire
-Sharpie marker
-Small nails
-Light candles

Lantern types of holders

Lantern types of holders are the ones that can be hanged which are made from cans. You start the procedure with drawing of the shape you want, followed by putting some water in the already prepared can and put it in the freezer overnight to frozen. Then, put a folded towel a platform with the cans on its side. Use the nail you have provided with the hammer to make holes on the outlines of the designs round the can. Since it is a lantern holder, two holes must be put on opposite sides of the can tin near the trim to be specific. It is now that you can put copper wires through the holes to hang it. As soon as the ice dissolves and the can is dry, you can paint it for beautification.