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The Risks and Benefits of Liposculpture Surgery

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Liposculpture can be a godsend for people looking to trim up certain areas of the body. Even those who work out regularly can struggle with fat, especially when they have to deal with stress, have poor eating habits, or have had children. However, it is important for patients to understand that this is still a surgery that comes with benefits and risks, even when done by a trained and experienced surgeon.

The process uses a cannula, or tube, to suck fat from a certain area of the body after being inserted via an incision. The procedure may vary depending on the technology utilized by the surgeon or practice. For example, some doctors use power assisted lipo, which uses rapid vibrations to break up fat so that it can be removed easily. This technique, for instance, is especially popular for thigh liposculpture, one of the more well known procedures amongst women seeking cosmetic surgery to help remove fat.

The benefits of this procedure are clear. The procedure can help one trim up the body and increase their self esteem. Still, patients should not expect to automatically have their dream body. Keeping fit will still require work, and toned muscles are necessary to complete the look.

Although complications from this surgery are rare, patients should still be aware of them. Since this is a surgery that requires anesthesia, subjects should be warned of the potential adverse reactions this may cause. There is also the risk of infection at the incision site(s), and these incision sites will require healing time. Working with an experienced and liscenced doctor is the best thing to do, as it will reduce the risk of damage to the skin, nerves, or vital internal organs. It can also help prevent friction burns from the removal equipment and the chance of clotting.

To help minimize risk and improve results, patients should have a thorough conversation with their surgeon before and after the procedure.

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