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Liv Dolls This Fall

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In case you are not aware of what a liv doll is, it is a doll that is similar to Barbie or maybe Bratz, but a lot more wholesome. The guys behind liv dolls took all that is wrong with fashion dolls and made it right. First off they are realistic, they have a more normal proportioned body shape and they emulate real teens. Their hairstyles can be changed because one of the unique aspects of these dolls are their interchangeable wigs. That’s right, no more hair faux pas.

Then there are the eyes, these dolls have real glass eyes, that give them a little bit of shimmer.  I have even read some articles that say they have real eyes. Which would be rather scary, but not to worry. The  previous author must of forgot to include the word glass. Another nice thing about these dolls is that they are pose able. They have joints in their arms and legs that move. Not like a stiff Barbie, but real pose able action. You can even make them dance.

The smart creators of these dolls, also have a clever way of marketing, the first wave of dolls were introduced and they were a hit. This spring they came out with a new line of liv dolls. They are still the same dolls with the same names, but they have different hair and outfits and the most important part of all. Each liv girl comes with her own puppy. Liv dogs have taken the fashion doll world by storm, because almost all little girls and teens love puppies. So this creates a perfect play combination.

This fall the liv doll creators will be one upping themselves. Because this fall there will be a new liv doll introduced. This will be liv doll Hayden and she will come with a bunny. Not only that, but she is into animal rights and even starts a non-profit organization to help her favorite furry friends. Besides Hayden there will be a liv doll horse introduced. And many new accessories such as drums, a bmx bike, and a mall kiosk shop for Alexis. The new fall liv collection is destined to be a hit.