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Use An Adjustable Swivel Chair To Work Injury Free

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When you work in front of a computer screen on a daily basis it is very important to have a comfy chair, especially an adjustable swivel chair to work injury free. Fatigue and back pains can easily ruin your day as you begin to slacken more and more on the job. However, with a chair of this kind it is possible to alter your posture in response to how your body is feeling. A chair with a height and tilt adjustment makes you feel comfortable as your feet and back will be well supported. Read further to learn about how to adjust a swivel chair.

Start by finding the height adjuster for your chair. Usually the chair height adjuster is found on the underside of the right hand side of the chair. However, some chairs might have this height adjuster elsewhere, similar to the tilt adjusters of cars being located in different areas depending on the type of car.

Reaching down with your hand, grasp the lever nice and hard. In order to raise the height you must at least lift your body weight off the chair, otherwise it will be impossible to do so. Proceed to pull the lever, something that will raise the height instantly.

Release the lever for adjusting the height and sit on your swivel recliner chair. Lift the lever slowly, thus allowing the swivel recliner chair to adjust slowly downwards with the weight of your body to a point where your knees are at a 90-degree angle, with your feet laid out flat on the floor. Proceed to release the lever.

Now look for a knob for adjusting the chair’s tilt. A number of chairs have the knob at the back, whilst with others it is under the chair. Once located rotate it in a clockwise direction to tilt the chair forward and anticlockwise to tilt it backwards. With that done, sit on your chair with your feet planted flat on the floor. Continue adjusting until you find a suitable tilt.