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Help Your Dog Stop Scratching With Malaseb

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Aside from having fleas, your dog may be continuously scratching because of other problems. Itching of the skin is often times believed to be connected to the bites of these tiny fleas or from allergies caused by the fleas. Usually, this is the case but two other reasons for itchy skin are seborrhea or psoriasis. These two skin ailments are generally common in humans and you may have an idea what these ailments do to our skin.  However, it is probably news to you that even furry pets like dogs, horses, cats and rodents can have these ailments.

Seborrhea makes the skin itchy and flaky and causes it to be either excessively dry or oily depending on what type of breed we are dealing with. If your pet is scratching too much he or she may have this ailment and it must be immediately dealt with because it will not go away without any treatment, and it can get worse if infection occurs. Malaseb Shampoo is a popular medicated shampoo for pets that is very effective in dealing with the root causes of seborrhea.

The usual cause of this skin disease is the allergic reaction of the skin to parasites like yeast, fungus and bacteria that are already living comfortably at the base of your pet’s coat. Malaseb contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients that eliminate these allergens from the coat. It also stops the infestation of yeast which can be the culprit why your pet is wildly scratching himself or herself. To achieve the best results, you should begin by washing your pet thoroughly with water and make sure that their skin gets good and wet. Then, apply the medicated shampoo and rub in the solution for about ten minutes making sure that it reaches the skin because this is where the root cause lies. Then, rinse again thoroughly with water and make sure that the shampoo is totally washed out. You also want to treat your pet between the toes, under his or her tail and around the mouth area because these are also vulnerable to attack. Also, be careful in applying it and make sure to keep the shampoo from reaching the ears, eyes and mouth because it can cause burns.

You can do the treatment at least two times a week and, once the condition is improved, use the shampoo once a week or every two weeks. If your dog has developed bald spots this can help with hair restoration as the skin is healed.  If no improvement happens after performing several treatments, you better check with your veterinarian.