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Menopause Facts and Fiction

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Most women assume that menopause is full of trials and tribulations because this is what they’ve heard from friends or read somewhere. It’s true that some women do have a hard time coping with the signs of menopause, but some women sail through menopause with a minimum of symptoms and 30% of women never have any symptoms at all during menopause. Of course this means that the majority of women will experience some symptoms, but even the vast majority of the remaining 70% will not have extreme symptoms.

Menopause is a natural part of the aging process, but it does seem that culture and perception can influence menopause itself. For example in cultures where aging is seen in a more positive light, women don’t have as many emotional symptoms such as depression and anxiety that many US women report. We tend to have a youth obsessed culture, so it is perhaps not so surprising that women themselves would find aging to be stressful and menopause as a loss of some of their vitality. Also, for women in the US who view menopause as a positive shifting into a new phase of life rather than a loss, menopause is less symptomatic and viewed as a more positive process. Again, not so surprising, but it is important to note.

I think the important thing to take away from this is that a good deal of menopause is perception. One thing that is certain is that menopause is inevitable. You can either embrace it or fight it, but either way, it is coming down the road. This is not to say that your menopause symptoms are not real, or are your fault, because this simply not the case, but perhaps we can work to create less stress in our own lives and embrace our changing bodies and our changing lives as the miracle it really is. Signs of Menopause Guide has more information about coping with menopause.