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Dot certified old school helmets

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Many motorcycle accidents can be prevented if you are careful when you ride. Another good idea is to avoid wearing plain black motorcycle helmets. Black helmets should be avoided as they are much harder to spot. This is especially true after sunset and during night motorcycle rides. You should purchase a helmet with some color, whenever possible. If you do not want a helmet which is too colorful you can compromise and try a black helmet with a fancy design such as orange airbrushed flames. This is a good compromise if you do not want to buy a bright yellow or neon green motorcycle helmet.

While there are many different companies which make motorcycle helmets, try to only purchase helmets which are either Snell or DOT certified. Whenever possible choose a Snell helmet instead of DOT certified helmets as well. Not every helmet is Snell certified, but all Snell helmets will pass DOT standards. Certification is an expensive process however it ensure that your helmet meets adequate safety standards. Non-certified helmets are also known as novelty helmets. These helmets may look nice, however there is no guarantee that they will be able to adequately protect your skull in the event of a motorcycle crash. You can by helmets from many different retailers online and in your local area. If you do not have a particular brand of helmet in mind, you should consider purchasing Davida helmets. Davida makes handcrafted helmets in the UK. This is extremely rare, as most helmets these days are factory mass produced. Davida makes great looking old school helmets. These are also known as retro style motorcycle helmets. The open faced design allows the motorcycle rider to experience greater comfort because air is able to hit the bike riders face. This can make the difference between going out for a ride or staying home on extremely hot and humid days.