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Nicotine Replacement Device

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The most popular of the many stop smoking devices on the market today is the Nicotine Replacement Device (NRT). NRTs come in various types and are really very simple to understand. Before you can understand how a nicotine replacement device can work to help you break and addiction to nicotine you must first understand why you became addicted in the first place. Nicotine addiction is very easy to understand once you know that nicotine works in exactly the same way as a number of endorphins produced by the brain. When you start smoking the brain thinks you are receiving too many of these endorphins at once and lowers its production.

The longer you smoke the heavier you will smoke because the brain will continue to lower its production. When you try to quit smoking you deprive your body of these endorphins and suffer nicotine withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety. The symptoms will continue until you either give the body some nicotine or your brain eventually gets up to speed and starts naturally producing these endorphins again.

Nicotine replacement devices such as a smokeless cigarette works by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine into your system. In the beginning of a usually six-week program you will get the same amount of nicotine as a pack a day smoker. In two weeks this will be cut down to about a half a pack. This process continues for six weeks, or longer with some products, until your brain is producing the necessary chemicals on its own.

There are no nicotine replacement devices however that offers high success rates when used alone. These are not magic bullets to force you to kick the habit. These programs are meant to be used in conjunction with counseling and family support to be at their most effective. The success rates when used alone are about 20%. When used with other programs however that rate climbs to above 80%. Which group you fall into depends on the sincerity of your desire to quit smoking.