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Some Quick Tips About Colored Contacts

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Using colored contact lenses to change ones eye color can be fun and easy. There are so many great colored contacts without prescription out there, that it is possible to change up your looks on a regular basis. These contacts can help one show off their creative side or help to make your eyes stand out even more. There are 3 quick tips about colored contacts that should be followed. These tips can make finding the perfect lenses easy.

There are a few different types of colored contact lenses.

  1. Disposable color lenses are one of the most popular types. These lenses last anywhere from one day to one month. These lenses are thinner and allow for more oxygen to pass through to the cornea, making them one of the healthiest choices. Using these lenses also help to keep the risk of a bacteria infection low.
  2. Non-disposable colored contacts is another option. These contacts do not need to be constantly taken out and changed. They can last up to a full year before it is necessary to buy another pair. These are a great choice for those that wish to keep the same color going throughout the year.
  3. Opaque colored contact lenses are the kind that completely change the color of your eyes – versus the enhancement contacts, which let some of your natural eye color show through.

Choosing the right color is another important tip. If the original eye color is a dark brown or hazel, it may be difficult to find a color choice to cover the dark eye color. Choosing opaque color contacts is the best option for darker eyes. These cover up your natural eye color completely. Natural color contacts are a great choice for lighter colored eyes.

There are different types of colored lenses available. Finding a brand and type that is comfortable for daily wear is important in keeping eyes healthy. Whether you are trying to enhance your eye color or change the entire appearance, there are some great colored contacts available.

Finding the best ones can help keep eyes and healthy and bring about huge changes in appearance. You’ll have fun doing it, too. Find out more about colored contact lenses, all their benefits plus a few warnings at the Free Contact Lenses Guide.