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Searching for an Ergonomic Office Chair? Here’s What to Look For

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A solid ergonomic chair for your office can help to cut down on injuries you may not expect. Sitting in the same position for many hours each day really can take a toll on your joints and, ultimately, your whole body. It is important, however, to know what to look for in an ergonomic office chair if you are interested in reducing pain to the back and neck and cutting down on injuries from repetitive motions.

You should have armrests on your chair if you are working behind a computer for long periods of time. The best position is for your arms to be parallel to the floor when you are typing at your keyboard, so, you should find a chair with adjustable arms. As you are in front of your monitor, you want to be sure that you are seated at the appropriate height. So, a chair with adjustable height would be the best option.

A good ergonomic chair will also permit adjustments to the back and seat of the chair. This will allow you to adjust the chair to your own shape and support your body in the best possible way. If you are concerned about injuries and strain to the shoulders, neck and back, these types of adjustable seats are a must.

The seat of your chair will be the spot where you will most notice support and comfort. The pan of the seat should allow you to place your weight evenly across it if you have selected a solid ergonomic chair. To improve your circulation while seated, you will want to select a chair that has a rounded front edge. If you are larger in size, you will want to be sure your seat is the appropriate width.

You should also be prepared to make an investment in a solid ergonomic chair. Brands such as the Steelcase Leap can cost as much as a thousand dollars. Determine which features are your priority and do a little shopping around and you are sure to find the best ergonomic office chair for your needs.